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An intense 7-day journey into the depths of your soul that will help you bring to the surface old emotional wounds, fears, and roles with which you unconsciously identify and that govern your everyday life. The retreat experiences will help you release these wounds, fears, and roles in order to regain the Taste of Life.


Quest for True-Self Retreat

When do you need this transformation?

The Secret of Identity

When you don't know what the next step for you is, you may isolate yourself in solitude, experience burnout, or seek excessive new experiences and sensations.

The Mystery of Relationship

When you no longer see meaning, satisfaction, or even disappointment in a relationship, or when you consider divorce, you may feel like you're sacrificing everything that has been built up until now.

Life's Mission

When you no longer find pleasure or purpose in what you do, when you don't know what your next level is, and you feel empty and disoriented.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and guide others towards healing, transformation, and self-discovery, just as we have experienced it. From our own journey towards light, we are committed to sharing the lessons and wisdom gained with the world, helping others find their own purpose and awaken to authentic living and fulfillment.




Top features

Reclaim Your Life, Freedom, and Satisfaction

  • Discover Your True Self Uncover the
  • Direction and Meaning in What You Do and Where You're Going Unleash Love and Understanding in Relationships
  • Become Clear and Calculated in How You Think and Communicate

Only two groups per year (Spring and Autumn) - Limited spots, Groups fill up quickly.


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Who will guide you throughout?

Vadim Turcanu (Vaddhim)

Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Co-founder of the UncageX Process, Breathwork, and Tantra Trainer, Men's Circle, Relationship Communication

For more than 12 years, Vadim has delved into these subjects, applying them to overcome his own issues and lack of motivation to live. He later created this program from a mix of practices acquired from great sages he worked with and studied. The result of years of study and continuous practice is a complete and comprehensive program of inner healing and rediscovery, accessing the best of your life. Through spiritual Rediscovery, Vadim has found a new life, published his first books, founded the UncageX community, and encountered True Love (something he thought was no longer possible).

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Ana Daud

Co-founder of the UncageX Process, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Actress, Breathwork Trainer, Women's Circle, Akashic Records Guide


For over 15 years, Ana has worked on herself to successfully overcome childhood traumas that manifested through bulimia, anorexia, and addictions. Today, Ana is a successful, internationally acclaimed actress passionate about helping others overcome their own barriers and traumas. She is the living proof that power comes from within, and once acquired, you become the master of your life.

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What participants say:

Violeta Nastas 

Owner Construction Business, Italy

The retreat was a profoundly transformative experience for me. I was reborn there. I saw a different Violeta. I discovered the light within me. 

My relationship with my children, my husband, and my parents has completely transformed. 

Elena Mereacre 

Fitness Instructor, Entrepreneur, USA

I felt like I had lost myself and didn't know my purpose.It was as if I had lost my taste for life. However, after the retreat, I slowly realized that I can do so many things, and it felt like I started to blossom again. I understood how to manage my emotions, how to find my inner strength, how to listen beyond words, and how to look beyond problems. It was an investment that was worth every penny for me.

Julian Blanari 

Owner Digital Agency, Romania

 I felt the need to challenge myself, to take a step into the unknown. There were moments when I went on vacation and still thought about work. It seemed like nothing could be done without me. I realized that I can achieve the same results without stressing myself out. It was powerful; I am much more present and calm. Such an experience must be tried at least once in a lifetime.

Oleg Grosu

Entrepreneur, UK 

I understood one thing: when you look through the eyes of the soul, everything makes sense. I am very glad that I have reached the awareness to accept everything I have and everything I am. At the retreat I managed to see and understand things that were actually always in me, but I didn't give them importance. Infinite love exists

Stefan Pislaru 

Owner Digital agency, Moldova 

Before the retreat, I exploded emotionally very quickly & very badly. Now I react calmly to any situation. I overcame the fear of big money, I structured my business and collaborate better with my team. I feel that I have reached another level of maturity. The retreat is a place where you will come a man and in a week you will leave a completely different one.

Iulia Cretu

Beauty Business, UK

I felt very negative, I was followed by ugly, stupid thoughts that made me feel very bad. I felt unloved, I was hurt. I came to the retreat to forgive, accept and let go. To return to myself. To find myself. And I found myself. I'm back home now full of love, passion, acceptance and trust in people again.

Gabriela Miron 

Owner Digital agency, Moldova

I felt psychologically pressured, I had many tasks, a lot of stress at work. Initially I came to the Retreat for a getaway, to rest... but it was much powerful and from another category... I discovered and overcame deep problems. The way I look at and communicate with people has changed a lot

Marian Petrea 

Coach, Entrepreneur, Moldova

The retreat was a turning point in my life. I came because I was in pain and felt I needed help. I didn't know exactly what the retreat would be about, but I simply listened to my intuition and felt the call. I managed to open up, to release the things that were keeping me in place, my barriers widened.Exactly after the Retreat, the things I wanted to do, began appearing in my life, and I started my own business.

Elena Tumuruc

Owner Beauty Business, UK

After participating in the retreat, it's as if my eyes were opened, I already see everything with different eyes and perceive things differently. I started to accept people as they are. Before, i was leaving the important things last. After the retreat, I started to offer myself more personal time, and take care of myself better. I feel like a clean slate and that I have the strength to write what I wanted on it.

Nicolae Dulea

Owner Food Business, Ireland

After I returned from the retreat, the family atmosphere, the relaxation with which I do things, this peace, the stress that no longer exists. I'm glad that I went to the retreat with my wife. We feel constant pleasure from each other, we say nice words more often, we hug more often, we love each other better than in the first period of our relationship. We have another level of openness and understanding

Madalina Partole 

Student Marketing Entrepreneur, Romania

I wanted to rebuild my relationship with my family and understand where all these impulsive reactions come from, to overcome past traumas and blockages. After the retreat, I have a wonderful relationship with my parents. I saw myself completely differently, and I was shocked that I couldn't see it before,as if the mirrors in my house have changed.

Mihaela Taranu 

Coach, Entrepreneur Moldova

My blockage was the fear of being seen, I was afraid of rejection.When I came at the retreat and I went through all the processes, it was wow. It's so nice to connect with people and show them how you are, and to see them as they are. I recognized my power, I recognized my value. Before it was as if I had my head in the clouds and couldn't see my value. 

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